ThermaPEX Tubing
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Bending Radii
  • ThermaPEX® Tubing Bending Radii
    • The minimum acceptable bending radius in accordance with ASTM F 877 is 6 times the tubing outside diameter. Due to the unique flexibility of ThermaPEX® Tubing - as compared to conventional PEX tubing, we allow a bending radius of 4 times the outside diameter. The outside diameter is equal to the nominal size plus 1/8". Below table is a comparision of minimum bending radii of PEX in accordance with ASTM and bending radii of ThermaPEX® Tubing. There is also a listing of the corresponding center distances when exiting the bend. Note that the actual center distances of the tubing in a radiant floor heating layout can be made somewhat narrower by allowing a so called "pear shaped" bend.

                       Bending Radii

  • ThermaPEX® Tubing Thermal Conductivity
    • The thermal conductivity of ThermaPEX® Tubing does not measurably differ from that of other PEX tubing. It is 0.22 Btu / (h * ° F)

  • ThermaPEX® Tubing Measurements
    • ThermaPEX® Tubing is manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 876. See details of the specification, below. Our control of measurements is second to none. Measurements are supervised by NSF International 4 times per year.


  • ThermaPEX® Tubing Ratings
    • ThermaPEX® Tubing carries following ratings as issued by Plastic Pipe Institute: 73° F: 160 psi - 180° F: 100 psi - 200° F: 80 psi

ThermaPEX Tubing
ThermaPEX Tubing is available exclusively at fine distributors throughout the United States.