ThermaPEX Tubing
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  • This Table was developed by Tomas Lenman
    • He assisted in developing the Engel PEX-a process in the early 70's, authored ASTM F 876/877 1982-84, CSA 137.5 in 1989, founded Wirsbo Company in 1984, was Uponor Technical Director 1992-94, gaining extensive experience in all PEX processes.

  • ThermaPEX vs. Traditional PEX
    • Below is a table that shows why ThermaPEX is a better product than traditional PEX. ThermaPEX compares favorably to PEX-a, PEX-b, & PEX-c. It is easier to work with, stronger, and has the best thermal memory and kink resistance available today.

Property ThermaPEX Tubing Traditional PEX-A PEX-B & PEX-C
Flexiblity Considerably more flexible than any other PEX tubing meeting ASTM Somewhat better flexibility than Radiation and Silane crosslinked tubing. Stiffer to work with
Strength Meets ASTM and Withstands higher inside pressures than other PEX Tubing Meets ASTM Meets ASTM
Homogeneity Excellent Not very good. Worse than Radiation & Silane Good
Thermal Memory Excellent Good. Better than Radiation & Silane. Strength decreases after heated up to transparency.
Kink Repairability Excellent Excellent See above
Kinking Resistance Excellent Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane More vulnerable to be kinked
Barrier Property Meets DIN 4726 (Measured 25 times better) Meets DIN 4726 Meets DIN 4726
Thermostability Excellent Better than ASTM requirements PEX-c: Better than ASTM requirements. PEX-b: Silane cross-links are reversible
Crosslinking Distribution Excellent Fair PEX-c: x-link gradients PEX-b: Manufacturer dependent
Memory of Being Coiled Little. Easy to bend in any direction. Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane. Tougher to straighten out.
Min Bending Radius Narrower than any other PEX tubing Fair. Better than Radiation and Silane Largest
Crack Propogation Resist. Excellent Excellent PEX-c: Fatigue cracks can develop PEX-b: Unknown
Density ~0.930 - the lowest ~0.938 - much more ~0.941 - highest
State When Crosslinked Melted Melted Not Melted
Crystal Size & Distribution Small and even Fair Larger and more un-even
Degree of Crosslinking Over 70% Over 70% Typically below 70% (but approved for that in ASTM)
ThermaPEX Tubing
ThermaPEX Tubing is available exclusively at fine distributors throughout the United States.